The Pink Print

Read out more about the road map and the plans for vicewrld dao on our white paper >>>


The DAO will have multiple revenue streams and in return generate up to 100% of profits on those activities depending on terms. Some of these activities include . The profits generated for the DAO are distributed and spent in accordance to the voting protocols as set out in the DAO charter.


The DAO will launch adult themed and creator NFTS. These will be sold on in house or partner NFT stores.


The DAO will work closely with our vast network of adult industry professionals including creators, producers and actors.


The DAO will work with creators to grow and monetize their online followings


The DAO community token is called $VICEDAO and on the Binance Smart Chain it acts as both a form of governance and has multiple utility implementations on the road map including

Governance and voting

$VICEDAO holders will voting on decisions pertaining to the creative direction and overall functionality.

E-commerce payments

Use $VICEDAO to Purchase NFTS on in house NFT store as well as partner sites.

Marketing, Media & Gaming

There are future plans to use $VICEDAO in the metaverse stay tuned.

The Dao Charter

The DAO council is currently made up of founding members , DAO council elections will take place periodically either when one member resigns or at the annual elections. Read more about the DAO in the charter

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